Tickets for EWC Counter-Strike 2 July 18, 2024

Boulevard City18 Jul 06:00 PMEsports12+

The booking time is 30 minutes.

How to buy tickets?

How to order a ticket?

It's simple. Click on the appropriate sector and select any of the available locations

How to pay for a ticket?

Using a bank card on the website online or in cash to the courier

How do I get a ticket?

tickets and booking

About event

You can buy tickets for the EWC Counter-Strike 2 Tournament, which will be held on July 18 in Boulevard City, now. This event promises to become a significant event in the world of cybersport, attracting the attention of both professional players and loyal fans. The tournament is held in one of the most modern and convenient complexes of the city, which guarantees comfort and safety for all participants and spectators.

Boulevard City is an ultra-modern venue equipped with advanced technologies and comfortable areas for spectators. Spacious halls, high-quality lighting and sound will create ideal conditions for the tournament. Thanks to the well-thought-out infrastructure, guests can easily navigate the complex and enjoy the matches in comfortable conditions.

The EWC Counter-Strike 2 tournament will bring together the best teams from around the world to showcase their skills and strategies in intense matches. Counter-Strike 2, known for its dynamic gameplay and demanding tactical skills, promises spectators exciting and unpredictable fights. Each team will strive for victory, which will add extra tension and spectacle.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this great event. You can buy tickets for the EWC Counter-Strike 2 Tournament at Boulevard City on July 18 now. Enjoy exciting matches and support your favorite teams in comfortable conditions of the modern complex.

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